The Young Riders: The Complete First Season

The early days of the Pony Express are the setting for this television series. Fictionalizing the youth of famous/infamous Wild West characters such as Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickock, the series tells the story of a collection of young Pony Express riders situated in Sweetwater, Kansas. Ex-Texas Ranger and the interestingly quirky Teaspoon Hunter teaches these young boys all his tricks about riding and is charge of the group. Acting as their den mother, cook and moral compass is Emma and afterwards Rachel. The young group's task is to deliver the U.S. mail which today is simple enough, but in those days was quite a challenge. We get to see the days of the early Wild West through the experiences this group lives. There are guest appearances by Cynthia Nixon (Sex in the City), Della Reese (Touched By An Angel), David Carradine, and Richard Roundtree in this the first season.

Disc 1:
Episode 1: The Kid: In the 1860s the Dakota Territory is never the same once 6 young people sign on to be Pony Express riders.

Episode 2: The Gunfighter: Jimmy Hickock (Josh Brolin – Into the Blue, Hollow Man), despite the fact that he has promised never to get in a gunfight to Emma, takes on a professional gunfighter.

Episode 3: Speak No Evil: Ike (Travis Fine – Girl, Interrupted, The Others) has seen a gang murder innocent people and he and the other members of the Pony Express take risks to ensure that he can reach the court safely in time to testify against them.

Episode 4: Home of the Brave: The Kiowa Indians declare war and Buck (Gregg Rainwater – Street Fighter) has to decide which side he is on.

Disc 2:
Episode 5: Bad Blood: In order save her brother and sister from her no-good father, Lou (Yvonne Suhor – appeared in episodes of Murder She Wrote and Star Trek: Voyager) risks her life.

Episode 6: Black Ulysses: Ulysses, a runaway slave, is hidden by the riders.

Episode 7: Ten Cent Hero: Hickock is now known as a legendary gunfighter because a famous novelist has written about him.

Episode 8: False Colors: The Kid (Ty Miller – appeared in episodes of X-Files and Growing Pains) is reunited with his older brother, who is nothing more than a bank robber and murderer.

Episode 9: A Good Day to Die: At the scene of a murder, The Kid captures an Indian, who he helps to solve the mystery of the plot to steal Indian land.

Special Features:
-Previews of Dawson's Creek, Contemporary TV and TV Action Favorites

Disc 3:
Episode 10: The End of Innocence: Emma and Hickock become closer when they share an adventure together.

Episode 11: Blind Love: Hickock falls in love with a beautiful girl and proves that sometimes love is blind.

Episode 12: The Keepsake: Teaspoon (Anthony Zerbe – The Matrix Revolutions, License to Kill) finds out that he has a daughter.

Episode 13: Fall From Grace: Hickock leaves the Pony Express to work at a brothel.

Episode 14: Hard Times: The Kid is like a man in captivity when he and Cody (Stephen Baldwin – The Flintstones in Viva Las Vegas, The Usual Suspects) stay in the town of Prosperity.

Disc 4:
Episode 15: Lady For a Night: A man who is part of a gang of robbers falls for Lou when she dresses as a woman for an evening.

Episode 16: Unfinished Business: Trouble and memories are stirred up for Emma by her ex-husband.

Episode 17: Decoy: Cody life is in danger when he is sent on a secret government mission.

Episode 18: Daddy's Girl: A girl whose father wants her to marry someone against her will gets involved with Buck.

Episode 19: Bulldog: The Pony Express is being used to steal Indian land.

Disc 5:
Episode 20: Matched Pair: Hickock is betrayed by an old friend.

Episode 21: The Man Behind the Badge: Marshall Sam (Brett Cullen – The Replacements, Apollo 13) saves Sweetwater from a man trying to take control of the town.

Episode 22: Then There Was One: Teaspoon pairs up with another ex-Ranger in order to capture a murderer who is killing off the remaining survivors of the Alamo.

Episode 23: Gathering Clouds, Part 1: As a spy for the government, The Kid becomes part of Hawk's Raiders, but he is caught and on the verge of being hung.

Episode 24: Gathering Clouds, Part 2: The Young Riders come to the rescue of The Kid and play a part in the downfall of Hawk's Riders.

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