This American Life: Season One

Hosted by everyman Ira Glass This American Life began its life as a Chicago Public Radio show and then morphed into a television series. Every week a different topic is explored and we get to see the lives of everyday Americans.

Episode 1: Reality Check: Cloning and public pranks are they good or not?

Episode 2: Growth Spurt: What some people have done when they realized they were unhappy with how their lives are going.

Episode 3: The Cameraman: An animated short by cartoonist Chris Wade about watching life from behind the lens of a camera.

Episode 4: God's Close Up: The intermingling of those with and without faith.

Episode 5: My Way: Four different stories about how stubbornness cost those involved.

Episode 6: Pandora's Box: Three stories about trying out new things and the consequences.

Special Features: Ira Glass Biography, Photo Gallery

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