Tiger Woods: The Authorized DVD Collection

Producers Stewart Binns, James Mitchell, Safi Schlicht and Ben Simister bring you a DVD box set on the most recognized golfer of all time: Tiger Woods. This all inclusive collection is narrated by Laurence Fishburne, both a friend and admirer of Woods himself. This set of films digs deep into Tiger Woods' struggles and of course his successes. Disc 1: "Tiger's Prowl: His Life" (85 minutes) deals with Tiger Woods' early childhood. Home videos showcase his first time swinging a golf club, to his first championships (the U.S. Juniors and Amateurs). There is even footage from some of the first T.V. interviews Tiger Woods ever did: including his 1975 appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show" with the late Bob Hope. Disc 2: "Tigers Prey: His Majors" (75 minutes) consists of golf footage, for the most part. Some of his all time best performances are captured here, such as his first major win at the 1997 Masters. This film equally does an honest coverage of Woods' struggles seen this year. Disc 3: "Tiger's Prints: His Legacy" (65 minutes) features a whole bunch of interviews between Tiger Woods and some of sports biggest names: Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, to name a few. Even Celine Dion makes an appearance! Tiger Woods has become a legend, and a great role model. He has had such a huge impact in the golf world: on the game itself, and on fans. In fact, he has appealed to a whole new demographic: young kids who have a drive to succeed in the sports world. Must have for golf fanatics!

This DVD set is definitely not lacking in special features!

– "Tiger Talk"- Extended Interviews with Tiger Woods and his family.
– "Tiger's Tales"- A selection of stories, featuring Tiger Woods and other popular figures.
– "Photo Gallery"- Images of Tiger Woods and the evolution of his classic swing.
– "Tiger's Chronology"- Highlights of Tiger Woods' career as an amateur.

– "Tiger's Clinic"- A front-row seat at The American Express Clinic, with never before seen interviews.
– "Tiger's Favorites"- Tiger Woods on his favorite golf courses, holes and shots.
– "Tiger At The Majors"- Complete scoring details from 1997-2004.
– "Tiger vs. Jack"- Compare Tiger Woods with golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

– "Tiger's Five"- Tiger Woods' friends, family and peers discuss his greatest shots.
– "Tiger's Spots"- A selection of Tiger Woods' American Express Commercials.
– "Tiger's Club"- Tiger Woods on his foundation and his work with kids.
– "Tiger's Wins"- A complete list of Tiger Woods amateur and professional victories.
– "EA Sports Trailer"

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