Touched By an Angel: Inspiration Collection – Love

In an ode to different types of love, the angels travel around teaching about the power of love. Monica, Tess and Andrew teach different people about God's undying love for man – no matter the situation.

Episode 1: Tough Love: Monica (played by Roma Downey) is to help a prize winning journalist who is a functional alcoholic come to terms with her addiction before she loses her daughter (played by Irene Cara) and granddaughter.

Episode 2: Reunion: A poet (played by Maya Angelou) has a difficult time when her son (played by Michael Beach) decides to marry his childhood friend (played by Natalie Cole) who has AIDS.

Episode 3: Thief of Hearts: An orphan (played by Paul Robert Langdon) steals a locket from a lady (played by Patti Lupone) who runs a magazine kiosk and she is going to press charges against him until Tess (played by Della Reese) talks her out of it.

Episode 4: At the End of the Aisle: Audrey (played by Wynonna Judd) invites the angels to her wedding but Monica is not at all convinced that her fiancé is the man for her.

Special Features: New Introductions by Martha Williamson on all Episodes

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