Turner Classic Movies: Greatest Classic Films Collection – Marx Brothers

After the Marx Brothers left Paramount they continued to make good films. Two of their biggest films were made during this period, "A Day at the Races" and "A Night at the Opera". But their strongest stuff is still what they did at Paramount. These four films were made with Paramount and are unfortunately not their best, but it's still the Marx Brothers.

A Day at the Races directed by Sam Wood:

The Standish sanatorium has fallen on hard times. Judy Standish (played by Maureen O'Sullivan) has inherited the family sanatorium and is left run it. She is determined to keep it open despite the fact that businessman J.D. Morgan (played by Douglass Dumbrille) wants to buy it from her. Morgan wants to expand his racetrack and needs the land that the sanatorium is on. He is plotting to make sure the sanatorium is not successful.

Dr. Hugo Hackenbush (played by Groucho Marx) is a vet, but has been illegally working as the resident doctor at the sanatorium. In order to save the sanatorium, with the help of Dr. Hackenbush, Stuffy (played by Harpo Marx) and Tony (played by Chico Marx), Judy prays that her boyfriend's (played by Allan Jones) horse wins a steeplechase race.

A Night in Casablanca directed by Archie Mayo:

It is post-War Casablanca and Ronald Cornflower (played by Groucho Marx) is hired to run the hotel after the previous managers have all turned up murdered. An ex-Nazi, Count Preferment (played by Sig Ruman), is suspected in the murders, but French soldier Pierre (played by Charles Drake) is himself suspected of helping the enemy. With the help of his girlfriend (played by Lois Collier), his friend Corbaccio (played by Chico Marx) and Pfefferman's mute servant, Rusty (played by Harpo Marx).

Room Service directed by William A. Seiter:

Theatrical producer Gordon Miller (played by Groucho Marx) is broke and has to outwit his landlord in order not to be evicted. He and his partners (Chico and Harpo Marx) pretend that he is deathly ill and cannot be moved. In the meantime they try to find a backer for his new play.

At the Circus directed by Edward Buzzell:

Circus owner Jeff Wilson (played by Kenny Baker) owes his partner, Carter (played by James Burke), $1,000. Carter gets his henchmen to steal the money so he can take over the circus. Circus workers Antonio (played by Chico Marx) and Punchy (played with Harpo Marx) along with lawyer Loophole (played by Groucho Marx) try to locate the thief in order to get the money back.

Special Features: On Your Marx, Get Set, Go!, A Night at the Movies, Classic Cartoons, Theatrical Trailer, Musical Outtake, So You Think You Are a Nervous Wreck, Acrobatty Bunny, Party Fever, The Daffy Doc, Dog Daze, Jitterbuy Follies

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