Turner Classic Movies – Greatest Classic Films Collection – Romance

These four beloved films all tell tales of romances. Some turn out well and others, well…you'll have to watch. The four films have also been remastered and look great.

Mogambo directed by John Ford:

Deep in jungles of Kenya a safari guide Victor Marswell (played by Clark Gable) falls for two women at the same time. Honey Bear Kelly (played by Ava Gardner) is an unemployed showgirl who is due to some misunderstandings stuck in Kenya and Linda Nordley (played by Grace Kelly), the wife of an anthropologist in Kenya to study gorillas.

Now, Voyager directed by Irving Rapper:

Part psychological drama and part love story, a spinster (played by Bette Davis) goes against her mother's (played by Gladys Cooper) wishes to find love then subsequently heartbreak and finally happiness.

Splendor in the Grass directed by Elia Kazan:

Two teenagers, Wilma (played by Natalie Wood) and Bud (played by Warren Beatty), fall in love and this puts them up against their families and most of their Kansas town.

Love in the Afternoon directed by Billy Wilder:

A May-December romance happens between a music student (played by Audrey Hepburn) and a millionaire playboy (played by Gary Cooper). The interesting part is that she is the daughter of a detective (played by Maurice Chevalier) who has been hired to catch him with the wife of his client.

Special Features: Theatrical Trailers, Cast Film Highlights, Classic Cartoon Beep Prepared, Cast/Director Film Highlights

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