Van Wilder: Freshman Year – Unrated

This is just a weak effort to cash in on the male-oriented crass comedy market. But whereas the first film starring Ryan Reynolds was cute in a silly kind of way, this one is unfunny, poorly acted and offensive at times.

It is Van Wilder's (Jonathan Bennett – Cheaper By the Dozen 2, Mean Girls) freshman year at Coolidge College, but things are not what he expected them to be like. He is ready to party and hook up with the ladies. Unfortunately Coolidge is now run by Dean Charles Reardon (Kurt Fuller – Mr. Woodcock, The Pursuit of Happyness), a career military man who hated Van Wilder's father. Dean Reardon is determined to make Van Wilder's time at Coolidge one he won't remember. He rules the campus with an iron fist and strictly enforces his rules of no partying and no sex.

Van Wilder is a young man who believes that where there's a will there's a way and is determined to party and hook up with Kaitlin (Kristin Cavallari – Spring Breakdown), who is dating Dean Reardon's right-hand man, Dirk (Steve Talley). Let the games begin!

The whole films hinges on how much we like the young leading actor and how crazy his hijinx get. Unfortunately for the film and director Harvey Glazer (Kickin It Old School), he just isn't likeable. Maybe it is because he has to do some ridiculous things. It just seems that movies cannot be made that are simply funny. They all seem to just denigrate into crass humour. The best part of the film for me was the well-endowed bulldog. They were scraping the bottom of the barrel with this particular prequel.

Special Features:
-Creating the Legend: The Making of Van Wilder: Freshman Year
-Going Balls Out: Colossus
-Coolidge College: Orientation Video

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