Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome, America – A Final Night with George W. Bush

During his time on Saturday Night Live Will Ferrell became President George Bush. For a sketch comedic actor having an inept (to be kind) president like Bush was a Godsend. This show on Broadway was his final "tribute" to the outgoing President.

The show is a run through Bush's time in office. A blend of humour with rumour with historical fact makes this an interesting take on the American President. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Oddly enough the funniest parts are when Ferrell uses actual quotes from Bush. What does that say about him and his Presidency? Ferrell also inserts a few very funny moments which are obviously improv. What is surprising is that there are a few poignant moments. I did not expect that.

Don't expect anything but Ferrell's unique brand of juvenile humour with this production. Ferrell stays within his niche/comfort zone and we could not expect anything different really.

Special Features:Road to Broadway, Bush on Bush Interview, It's Time Has Come of Being a Decider, America: True/False Game, Digital Copy

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