Wonder Pets: Big Missions, Little Heroes

The Wonder Pets are on another series of adventures of the big and small variety. They travel the world to help out a variety of different animals. These adorable animals perform fun musical numbers while teaching your kids valuable lessons. Three discs full of fun and adventures.

Join the Circus:
Episode 1: Join the Circus: After rescuing the baby tiger, Penguin Ringmaster offer the Wonder Pets a chance to join the circus.

Episode 2: Save the Rat Pack – Fiddler Crab on the Roof: The Wonder Pets try to help Sammy and his friends learn the importance of working together.

Episode 3: Save the Armadillo – Save the Visitor: The Wonder Pets try to convince a baby armadillo that his town is not haunted.

Episode 4: Save the Tree – Save the Elephant: Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming try to get water to a dying tree.

Episode 5: Save the Bengal Tiger: The Wonder Pets try to help a baby tiger with a thorn in his paw.

Episode 6: Save the Gecko – Save the What?: A baby gecko follows the Wonder Pets home from Costa Rica.

Episode 7: Save the Ladybug – Save the Sea Turtle: A lady bug is trapped in a venus flytrap and it's the Wonder Pets to the rescue.

Episode 8: Save the Goslings – Ollie to the Rescue: The Wonder Pets help some Canadian Geese fly south.

Episode 9: Save the Wonder Pets!: The Wonder Pets go deep under the sea to help rescue a baby blowfish.

Episode 10: Save the Caterpillar – Save the Crane: The Wonder Pets go to Greece to help a caterpillar going through some changes.

Episode 11: Save the Sea Lions – Save the Kangaroo: Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming teach two sea lions in Alaska how to share.

Episode 12: Save the Hedgehog – Save the Crocodile: The Wonder Pets travel to England to help rescue a baby hedgehog who is trapped in a hedge.

Special Features: Meet the Wonder Pets! Photo Gallery, Wonder Pets! Teamwork Tips!, "I Like Being Small" Music Video, "City Garden Rap" Music Video

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