Iron and Wine

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Fans have been waiting three years for some new material courtesy of this musical act and now here it is. Kiss Each Other Clean is filled with more great examples of the subtle musical layers that the man behind Iron & Wine, Sam Beam, introduced on his last album, The Shepherd's Dog. This layering is accomplished by the vast array of instruments that appear on the album. Whether it is horns, strings, percussion or keyboards they all work together to create an alternatively gritty then melodic piece of work. As opposed to the earlier albums, this one is brighter and tighter (and all those other rhyming words). Listening to it I was transported back to the 70s and recordings by the likes of Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. It just has that sound and production values to it. Soft pop with twinges of a Southern sensibility. Plenty of twang and bluesiness to it.

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