Jersey Shore: Uncensored – Season Two

The eight horny and hormonal roommates are back! It is a season of more fights, grenades and fist pumping. This time they are living and partying in Miami. The beach will never be the same! Nobody seems to have changed since the first season with Angelina still stirring up trouble, Sammi and Ronnie getting back together and fighting as much as ever, Snooki still trying to find her perfect juicehead, The Situation, Pauly and Vinny still scouring the clubs for chicks, and JWOWW tries her best to keep Snooki out of trouble.

Episode 1: Goin' South: The entire cast is heading down south to Miami for season two and the drama begins right away when they realize that Angelina is back.

Episode 2: The Hangover: Sammi tries to get the down low on what Ronnie was up to at the club the night before.

Episode 3: Creepin': Angelina swallows her pride and apologizes to Sammi, JWOW and Snooki.

Episode 4: Breaking Up: JWOW, Angelina and Snooki come up with a way to let Sammi know what Ronnie has been up to behind her back.

Episode 5: The Letter: Mike, Vinny and Pauly try hard to handle four girls in one night.

Episode 6: Not So Shore: Snooki uncovers something about Vinny.

Episode 7: Sleeping With the Enemy: Angelina meets a guy at the club and they start dating.

Episode 8: All in the Family: Vinny and Angelina hook up.

Episode 9: Dirty Pad: Mike goes ballistic when he finds something disgusting in the bathroom.

Episode 10: Gone, Baby, Gone: Mike hooks up with a Canadian which proves to be entertaining for the whole house.

Episode 11: Girls Like That: Mike becomes more and more hostile towards Snooki.

Episode 12: Déjà vu All Over Again: Mike gets all the housemates kicked out of the club, almost burns down the house and because of him the car is towed.

Episode 13: Back in the Fold: Sammi and Ronnie spend their last night in Miami fighting.

Special Features: Reunion Special, After Hours, Cast Interviews, GTL: Miami, Extended Scenes, New Season Sneak Peek

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