Skins: Volume 4

There has been many shows on television that attempt to depict the lives of teenagers. Rarely have they gotten it right or brought to us anything that is realistic. While this BBC show is wild and crazy it does attempt to get right the feelings and thoughts of teenagers. It has been so successful (and controversial in its not shying away from depicting the sex and drugs involved in some teenagers' lives) that an American version of the series has just hit the U.S. airwaves.

In this the fourth season, the gang is back at college after the summer break. It is once again partying, drinking, drugs, fights, and sex that dominate the scene.

Episode 1: Thomas: Thomas (played by Merveille Lukeba) is working at a club where Sophia (played by Amberley Gridley), high on drugs, jumps to her death and the club and kids in it are put under a microscope by the cops.

Episode 2: Emily: Emily (played by Kathryn Prescott) discovers that her girlfriend Naomi (played by Lily Loveless) sold drugs to Sophie before she killed herself and that is not all…

Episode 3: Cook: Cook (played by Jack O'Connell) is arrested and pleads not guilty to the shock of everyone – his legal aid lawyer and the judge.

Episode 4: Katie: Katie (played by Megan Prescott) and her mother (played by Ronni Ancona) start working together as wedding planners and is told she cannot have children.

Episode 5: Freddie: Freddie (played by Luke Pasqualino), who is way behind in his school work, is worried that Effy (played by Kaya Scodelario) is mentally unwell.

Episode 6: JJ: JJ (played by Ollie Barbieri) is enamoured with a girl named Lara (played by Georgia Henshaw) he works at Hancocks with but is too shy to ask her out.

Episode 7: Effy: After her suicide attempt, Effy's placed in a psychiatric institution.

Episode 8: Everyone: Cook, who has escaped from prison, is living with Emily and Naomi, Emily wakes up with another girl in her bed, Thomas goes running and gets noticed, Freddie's sister gets a note from him saying he is going away for a while, and Effy leaves the institution after John (played by Hugo Speer) tells her he's leaving his job there.

Special Features: Skins Shorts, Behind the Scenes, Trailers for all Characters

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