Denis Leary and Friends Present Douche Bags and Donuts

Live stand up performance with Dennis Leary the star of television's Rescue Me. Uncut and uncensored Leary hit's the stage at New York's Town Hall with fellow comics Lenny Clarke (also from Rescue Me), Whitney Cummings and Adam Ferrara. This was the final show of a United States cross country tour in which some of the profits went towards Leary's foundation – Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Set up a lot like a variety show, Leary hits the stage with backing band, the Enablers. He performs a couple of songs throughout the show including one that mocks the Catholic Church, which has always been a target for the Irish Catholic comedian. Leary is the type of comedian that says things that everyone else is thinking but are too afraid to say. He mixes that bad ass attitude with a vulnerability that is endearing. Most of his material features him ridiculing a variety of different people he considers to be douche bags, such as homophobic Republicans who he believes to be closeted homosexuals.

Second to take the stage is Whitney Cummings. Previously I had only seen her in small little snippets on Comedy Central Roasts and had found her funny, so I was looking forward to seeing her do a set of her own. She did not disappoint with her set about the differences between men and women. Her delivery is loud and in your face. She's no wilting flower this gal.

Next up was long time Leary friend, Lenny Clarke. I had no idea he was a stand up comedian. I only knew him as that guy on Rescue Me. Though I did laugh a couple of times during his set, he was definitely weaker than Leary and Cummings.

To round things up was native New Yorker Adam Ferrara. Almost his entire set was based around his recent engagement, his fiancée and their relationship. He does this with the perfect blend of sweet and sarcastic. It was a constant wave of chuckles so don't expect belly laughs and you'll be fine.

Special Features: "F*ck You", Traditional Irish Folk Song, Snapshots From the Road, Detours on the Road to Comedy

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