Mixed martial arts is one of the most popular sporting events around today. Millions of fans have jumped on the band wagon. For those of you not in the know, mixed martial arts or MMA is cage fighting or ultimate fighting and involves a variety of fighting techniques and skills. Striking and grappling while standing or on the ground is acceptable. There are rules but it pretty much looks like anything goes to the untrained eye.

Strikeforce is a world-class league of mixed martial artists and this is their first foray into the DVD arena. This features some of the most highly anticipated and violent fights in the history of the league. Well-known and respected fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Brett Rogers, Robbie Lawler and others are involved in the fights.

The St. Louis Event: A.K.A. Heavy Artillary
Fight Card: Overeem vs. Rogers
Britt vs. Feijao
Gracie vs. Randleman
Jacaré vs. Villasenor
Arlovski vs. Bigfoot

The Los Angeles Event: A.K.A. Strikeforce Live

Fight Card: Babaw vs. Lawler
Noons vs. Henn
Kennedy vs. Prangley
Cyborg vs. Zaromskis

Special Features: Undercard Fight, Weigh-Ins, Post Fight Interviews, Photo Gallery

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