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In the history of country music there have been few artists as well respected and influential as Waylon Jennings. He was able to incorporate rock and blues into country music. It has already been nine years since his death, so some felt it was time for an album of other artists performing his songs. Trying to construct a tribute album to such a revered artist is a tricky thing and they got it half right and half wrong with this effort. Some of the artist called up to perform their versions of Jennings' music have not done right by him.

You can feel that the best of intentions were behind the making of the album, which was overseen by Waylon's widow Jessi Colter and his son, Shooter. Colter's duet with Sunny Sweeey on "Good Hearted Woman" works well, but Alabama's take on "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" fails miserably. They make is sound like one of their hits from the 80s. Yuck! Shooter repairs things with his gritty take on "Belle of the Ball". The whole album kinda flip flops like that with one good followed by one weaker effort. Hopefully the next two will be more even keeled.

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