How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season 5 – The Suited Up Edition

Loaded with laughs, hook ups, break ups and everybody's favourite – Slapsgiving, you won't find it hard to understand why this sitcom is popular and has garnered Emmy nominations. Its popularity, solid cast and good writing is why it is able to attract such guest stars as Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Peet, Carrie Underwood, and Rachel Bilson.

Episode 1: Definitions: The gang finds out that Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (played by Colbie Smulders) have been having sex and so Lily (played by Alyson Hannigan) insists they have the "talk" about where their relationship is going.

Episode 2: Double Date: Ted (played by Josh Radnor) has the same blind date he had with a girl seven years ago.

Episode 3: Robin 101: Robin stumbles upon Barney's secret Robin notebook.

Episode 4: The Sexless Innkeeper: Marshall (played by Jason Segel) and Lily invite Barney and Robin over for a couples' night.

Episode 5: Duel Citizenship: Ted and Marshall find out that their old college pizza place in Chicago is closing they decide to go for one last visit.

Episode 6: Bagpipes: Marshall takes relationship advice from Barney and Ted wins the slap bet over whether it is good advice.

Episode 7: The Rough Patch: Barney and Robin are having a rough patch in their relationship. Lily thinks they'll work it out while Ted thinks that Barney isn't happy.

Episode 8: The Playbook: Being single again, Barney brings out the playbook.

Episode 9: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap: Marshall and Lily host their first Thanksgiving dinner.

Episode 10: Last Cigarette Ever: Marshall starts smoking again due to the stress at work.

Episode 11: The Window: A girl that Ted has dreamed about since college is finally single but he has a class to teach, so he leaves Marshall and Lily in charge of keeping her single.

Episode 12: Girls vs. Suits: Plenty of guys start coming to MacLarens after they hire a hot new bartender.

Episode 13: Jenkins: The fact that the gang thinks that Marshall is the reacher and Lily is the settler upsets Marshall.

Episode 14: The Perfect Week: Barney is having a perfect week in that he is bringing home a girl every night and Robin is upset when a geek does not phone her back for a second date.

Episode 15: Rabbit or Duck: Robin does not like her co-host Don (played by Benjamin Koldyke) but says "yes" to him when he asks her out on air.

Episode 16: Hooked: Ted doesn't see that he is being strung along by Tiffany (played by Carrie Underwood).

Episode 17: Of Course: Barney's latest woman (played by Jennifer Lopez) is the following the rules of dating that she herself wrote in a book on the subject and so Barney sees it as a challenge to get her to sleep with him.

Episode 18: Say Cheese: It is Lily's 32nd birthday and Ted brings his uninvited new girlfriend, Amanda (played by Brooke Nevin), to the party.

Episode 19: Zoo or False: Marshall is mugged and so Lily wants to get a gun.

Episode 20: Home Wreckers: Ted's mom (played by Christine Rose) and her boyfriend (played by Harry Groener), who Ted cannot stand, announce that they are getting married.

Episode 21: Twin Beds: Despite the fact that they have not been dating that long, Robin considers it when Don asks her to move in with him.

Episode 22: Robots vs. Wrestlers: After Robin moves in with Don she does not spend as much time with the gang making Barney worry that the gang's days are numbered.

Episode 23: The Wedding Bride: Ted is waiting to see what his latest girlfriend's (played by Judy Greer) baggage is.

Episode 24: Doppelgangers: Lily and Marshall see Barney's doppelganger which means they have seen all five and as Lily had previously agreed that when that happened she would get pregnant, the couple begin trying to have a baby.

Special Features: Bloopers, Music Videos, Making of Super Date, Wedding Bride Trailer – Extended Version, Behind the Scenes of the 100th Episode, Series Recap

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