Sisters and Brothers

A celebration from Nickelodeon of the littlest members of society – babies! And all the joy they bring to us.

Episode 1: Dora the Explorer – “Big Sister Dora”: Dora needs to get home quickly as her Mami is having a baby.

Episode 2: Go, Diego, Go! – “To Babysit a Bobo”: The Bobo brothers’ three baby sisters disappear while collecting fruit for the Spider Monkey Fiesta. The Bobos and Diego will need your help trying to find them.

Episode 3: Blues’ Clues – “The Baby’s Here”: Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper are coming over with their new baby and while waiting Blues’ Clues visit the hospital, investigate baby books and play Blues’ Clues in order to figure out how to welcome them home.

Episode 4: Wonder Pets! – “Kalamazoo” + “Back to Kalamazoo”: Ming-Ming flies all alone to Kalamazoo to take care of her baby cousin Marvin. Later, Ming-Ming returns with the Wonder Pets to rescue Marvin who has once again gotten himself into trouble.

Episode 5: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan – “HoHo’s Big Flight”: It is the Big Lantern Festival and all are excited, especially HoHo, who is very excited so forgets to listen to YeYe’s advice and ends up flying away on his lantern.

Special Features: Team Umizoom! Music Videos – “Numbers Everywhere” + “Acorn Flower Pattern”

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