Knight and Day

If you are up for a film that doesn't ask anything of you. Feel like watching a film, but too tired to follow one that asks any thinking of you. A film that is like candy for your brain meaning watching too much of it will rot your brain. Then this Cameron Diaz/Tom Cruise vehicle fits the bill.

June Havens (Cameron Diaz – In Her Shoes, The Mask) makes her living restoring old cars. She is rushing back home to be maid of honor at her sister's wedding. While at the airport she keeps bumping into the same guy. When she arrives at the gate, June finds out she is not on the flight that she had thought she had booked herself on. In actuality what has happened is the guy that she kept bumping into has switched tickets with her in the confusion.

The authorities are interested in the man that June keeps running into so they get her on the flight. On the plane they talk and she finds out his name is Roy Miller (Tom Cruise – The Last Samurai, Mission: Impossible). While June is in the bathroom, Roy is attacked and fights off everyone on the plane. It seems they all think that he has something called the Zephyr. When June comes out of the bathroom she kisses him. He tells her that he has killed the pilots and that the less that she knows is best. Roy lands the plane – roughly.

When safely on the ground Roy drugs June, but not before he tells her that people will come after her and that the FBI will ask her questions about him. June passes out. She wakes up in her own bed in Boston.

The FBI grabs June and asks her about Roy. They tell her that he is dangerous and crazy. A former agent who has gone rogue. While taking her to a safe location they are ambushed. It's Roy. A shootout ensues, but June manages to run away. Roy finds her and takes her hostage telling her that it is better for her if they stay together.

Roy tells June that he has something (the Zephyr – a battery that never runs out) that they want. He was assigned with Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard – Jarhead, Boys Don't Cry) to watch the guy, Simon (Paul Dano – Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood), who invented it. Roy found out that Fitzgerald was going to sell it and kill Simon. He made it look like Roy went rogue. A transcontinental pursuit ensues in which Roy tries to convince June he is a good guy.

Re-shoots, re-edits, re-writes, re-edits, and limited advanced screenings are not good signs for a film. All of these occurred with James Mangold's (Walk the Line, Girl, Interrupted) Knight and Day. After all that the film is not exactly the train wreck I was expecting. The pacing is brisk and it has some comedic moments. A star vehicle there 's no denying it. Cruise shows that he can be funny, but Diaz is a little annoying as she is trying too hard at times to be cute. The action sequences are decent and props to Cruise and Diaz for doing many of their own stunts.

Yes, some of the more serious scenes were a little too over the top and as a result came off as cheesy which took away some of the believability. The scene with Cruise being fired upon by a thousand bullets or so and walking through it without even a scratch is quite humourous. And yet, strangely, I was entertained. Bah, the power of that wretched Tom Cruise!

Special Features:
-Wilder Knights and Crazier Days
-Knight and "Someday" Featuring the Black Eyed Peas and Tom Cruise
-Viral Video: Soccer
-Viral Video: Kick
-Theatrical Trailer

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