The Boondocks: The Complete Third Season

Based on a comic strip, a couple of young boys move out of the city and into the suburbs with their grandfather. Some really spot-on socio-political ensues. It also features storylines that are quite contemporary, great action sequences and fantastic hip hop music. Oh yeah, and it is funny.

Episode 1: It's a Black President, Huey Freeman: A German documentary film maker follows the Freeman family from the election to the inauguration of the U.S.'s first black president.

Episode 2: Bitches to Rags: Thugnificent is going through a rough patch after his latest album sells poorly.

Episode 3: The Red Ball: Huey (voiced by Regina King) has to come out of his self-imposed retirement from kickball to help out Ed Wuncler.

Episode 4: The Story of Jimmy Rebel: Ruckus loves redneck country western singer Jimmy Rebel, but finds out that things aren't always as they seem.

Episode 5: Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy: The Freeman family is expected to pay for Colonel H. Stinkmeaner's debts to his old crew.

Episode 6: Smokin' with Cigarettes: Lahamilton Taeshawn and Riley are having fun…up until Riley thinks Lahamilton is going too far.

Episode 7: The Fund-Raiser: Riley (voiced by Regina King) begins his own business selling chocolate bars only to discover that the competition is quite cutthroat.

Episode 8: Pause: Granddad (voiced by John Witherspoon) gets the leading role in the latest production of superstar Winston Jerome.

Episode 9: A Date with the Booty Warrior: Tom (voiced by Cedric Yarbrough) volunteers to lead Huey, Riley and their classmates on a trip to jail as part of the "Scared Stiff" program.

Episode 10: The Story of Lando Freeman: Ruckus's landscaping business is being undercut by the new guy in town, Lando (voiced by Gerald Johnson), a young man who claims to be Granddad's long lost son.

Episode 11: The Lovely Ebony Brown: Granddad manages to find a young woman (voiced by Gina Torres) who is beautiful and charming and seems to like him…is this finally the end of his long search for the woman of his dreams?

Episode 12: Mr. Medicinal: After a health scare Granddad discovers the wonders of medicinal marijuana.

Episode 13: The Fried Chicken Flu: A fast food promotion crosses paths with a huge plague.

Episode 14: The Color Ruckus: Ruckus's family comes to town and he has to settle things between himself and his father.

Episode 15: It's Goin' Down: A terrorist attack is on the horizon and Huey is the number one suspect.

Special Features: Animatic to Screen Comparisons, Slink on the Street: Dick Ridin' Obama, Slink of the Street: Who is Your Favorite Character?, Seung Eum Kim Sketch Phtoto Gallery, Previews for Community, Breaking Bad, Rescue Me, Death at a Funeral, Michael Jackson's This is It, Men in Black, and Bad Boys

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