Funny or Die Presents: The Complete First Season

Started off by executive producer Will Ferrell as an exclusively online sketch comedy creation, Funny or Die is zany, outrageous, occasionally insane, but always funny. Everyone remembers the sketch that was viewed online by millions featuring a lazy renter played by Will Ferrell answering the door to find his drunk and foul-mouthed landlord who happens to be a two-year-old girl there. The curse laden abuse that the tiny girl heaps upon Ferrell is a classic. These are the types of moments that you can expect from Funny or Die. They are presented in a variety of formats from animated to music videos to fake commercials and recurring sketches.

Episode 1: Derek Waters Presents Lol: A man takes ecstasy for the first time and finds himself feeling good no matter what happens. Drunk history tells the story of Frederick Douglass starring Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle and Zooey Deschanel.
Playground Politics: American takes advantage of Africa's natural resources for a Kit Kat on the playground.
Designated Driver: Barry is his drunk obnoxious friend's designated driver.
Space Baby: Space Baby has to rescue the U.S.'s best space scientist, who has been kidnapped by the Jupitarians.

Episode 2: Sleeping with Celebrities: This episode Wayne Newton.
The Slovin + Allen Show: Slovin and Allen teach a guy some respect. Identical twins in the house of mirrors.
Baboon Heart: Animated short about a 23-year-old with a baboon heart, who has his heart broken.
The Amazing Adventures of David + Jennie: David and Jennie housesit for a friend.
Playground Politics: America deals with North Korea having fireworks.

Episode 3: Casual Sex: An 8-month pregnant woman tries to have as much sex as possible.
Asian Babies: A music video.
Sleeping with Celebrities: This episode Brooke Shields.
The Amazing Adventures of David + Jennie: David and Jennie attend Blake's birthday party.
Day by Day: Commercial for Cup 'o Sunshine.
Men of Unquiet Desperation: A musical instrument salesman doesn't quite get the hang of it.
Space Baby: Space Baby has been told that the one-armed man has been seen on Bear planet.

Episode 4: Designated Driver: While Taback goes on a booty call, Mr. Bear gets shot.
Father and Son: 26-year-old Jason lives with his 39-year-old step dad, Roy.

Episode 5: Holdup: Two armed gunmen are holding up the bank and take hostages. Guest appearances by Malin Akerman and Kate Walsh.
Derek Waters Presents Lol: The applause light at a talk show is stuck on. Drunk History presents Nikola Tesla starring Crispin Glover and John C. Reilly. A drunk driving superhero.
Totally Crazy: A music video by Mike O'Connell.

Episode 6: Casual Sex: Rachel meets a guy in the park and they go on a date.
One Thousand Cats: A musician talks about his upcoming show entitled One Thousand Cats.
Sleeping with Celebrities: This episode Keith David.

Episode 7: The Slovin + Allen Show: Playing a record allows a fleer to escape from his pursuers. A man films his suicide video but not without interruptions from his roommate.
Sleeping with Celebrities: This episode Will Forte.
Designated Driver: It's a night of reckoning for Barry and Taback.
Playground Politics: America talks to Mexico about its drug dealers and cocaine then quickly deals with Canada.

Episode 8: Casual Sex: Rachel is excited that she has finally found someone to have sex with.
Hold Up: The hostages plan their escape.
Magical Balloon: Magical Balloon is asked to help turn a pamphlet into a movie.

Episode 9: The Carpet Brothers: The three Carpet brothers try to carry on the company after the death of their father starring Tim Meadows, Will Ferrell and David Space.

Episode 10: Just 3 Boyz: Starring Richard Lewis and Zach Galifianakis. Tim and Eric are excited that their brother Zach is coming back from college.
Holdup: The cops use a psychic to try to figure out what the robbers are up to.
I've Had Some Drinks: A video by Mike O'Connell.

Episode 11: The Amazing Adventures of David + Jennie: David and Jennie visit Tang's Donuts while on their vacation.
Designated Driver: Barry is finally getting into his night of craziness while Taback makes some startling confessions.
Space Baby: Space Baby is meeting with the Professor, who has some important information about the one arm man, but is killed before he can tell her anything.
Men of Unquiet Desperation: Ken, a parking lot attendant, insists on telling a joke every time he opens his mouth.
Day by Day: The guys are ecstatic as they realize it is Tuesday.

Episode 12: Holdup: The hostages save one of the robbers from choking and he agrees to let one of them go.
Playground Politics: Once again America sides with Israel over the Gaza Strip.
Morning Prayer with Skott + Behr: The Florida early morning prayer show. Praise Hosanna!

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