What a voice! On her debut album it was that beautiful instrument that made the world sit up and take notice. Not that the music was horrid, but that voice…her full alto a la Dusty Springfield is perfectly suited for the retro-styled music that she made on her debut Grammy Award-winning album, "19".

In the few short years in between her debut and now (she is only 22), Brit songstress Adele (Atkins) has shown much maturing. On all tracks on the album she sounds in control and confident. We are off in a new direction without alienating the fans she made with the first album.

Her follow up is "21" (the age she was when she wrote these songs). While it still retains that soul sound it is definitely a "tougher" album. This is a young woman who has had her heart broken and is not gonna take any more crap. These strong, independent moments are her best on the album. Strange that with that voice that when she decides to go softer on the ballads or do a bossa nova take of The Cure's "Lovesong" it doesn't work as well.

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