Yo Gabba Gabba: Let’s Visit the Doctor!

Kids have to be talked to at their own level. Not above and not below. Even the things that we are old hands at they might be experiencing for the first time. For instance, being sick with a cold. Yo Gabba Gabba makes them feel more comfortable about going to the doctors, eating chicken soup, having their temperature taken, blowing their nose, and cuddling up under a warm blanket. And they make it seem fun!

Episode 1: Doctor: Toodee is sick and the doctor has to come see her. With the doctor's care and her Gabba Land friends she will feel better quickly.

Episode 2: Teeth: Kids learn about losing their first tooth, brushing them and keeping cavities away. All this is done through music and dancing.

Episode 3: Clean: Clean: Plex and DJ Lance show kids how to get rid of germs and keep clean by washing their hands, taking baths and washing their hair. All of the lessons are accompanied by fun music.

Episode 4: Car: Take a car ride through gabba Land. Drive, see the sights and sing with DJ Lance Rock and his friends. At the same time learn about car safety like doing up your seatbelt, being safe while on the road and the fun of car trips.

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