Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat…I’m Fluffy – Live From El Paso – Blu-ray Edition

A brand new comedy special filmed at the historic Plaza Theater in El Paso, Texas. Any Gabriel Iglesias show is not filled with crass jokes aimed at the male of the species. Like many of my favourite comedians he uses everyday occurrences and makes them funny. Iglesias's delivery style is not machine gun (though he does talk fast) rather he lets things happen organically. The stories all connect one to the next. His stories might take a while to tell but they are usually worth it.

As a larger guy (he calls himself "fluffy") some of his humour comes as a result of his size. But, thankfully, his weight is the main part of his act. He talks about things everyone can relate to like his girlfriend, his son, life on the road, and how he adores certain foods. Right off the bat you'll see that the guy has the ability to make things even funnier because he is great at doing voices.

Check this guy out as he has gained the reputation as one of the rising young comedians today.

Special Features: Deleted Scene: High School Reunion, Fluffy's Friends Hit the Stage, Onstage Q&A with the Fans

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