The Guardian: The Final Season

Aussie Simon Baker got his big start on television as the leading man with the fewest lines. Baker's character Nick Fallin is the silent type due to his inner demons and addiction problems. Often misunderstood due to his lack of social skills, Fallin is your proverbial bad boy with a heart of gold. After the rich guy lawyer was arrested for drug possession he was ordered to perform 1,500 hours of community service. While working as a partner at the legal firm his father Burton (played by Dabney Coleman), Nick also has to fit in doing his community service at a legal clinic as a child advocate lawyer.

Episode 1: Carnival: Nick (played by Simon Baker) and others at LSP find out that their colleague James (played by Charles Malik Whitfield) has been killed.

Episode 2: Big Coal: Nick asks Lulu (played by Wendy Moniz) to help a young girl whose cancer might have been caused by the coal company he represents.

Episode 3: The Line: Alvin (played by Alan Rosenberg) interferes when Nick tries to help a young girl arrested for prostitution.

Episode 4: The Father-Daughter Dance: Burton hires a nanny to help him out with Shannon (played by Amanda Michalka).

Episode 5: Shame: Nick is forced to go to clients for unpaid fees when the bank puts pressure on Fallin & Fallin to pay back its $1 million loan.

Episode 6: Let's Spend the Night Together: Lulu moves in to Nick's place.

Episode 7: Hazel Park: After his firm hosts an Adoption Day Burton thinks about adopting Shannon.

Episode 8: Believe: Lulu tells Nick she is pregnant and he thinks about asking her to marry him.

Episode 9: Let God Sort 'Em Out: Nick and Burton try to help an elderly man and his grandson find a place to live.

Episode 10: Swimming: Burton is going to have heart surgery and Nick tells him that Lulu is pregnant.

Episode 11: Legacy: Burton wants Nick to become managing partner of the firm.

Episode 12: Beautiful Blue Mystic: Lulu leaves Nick and he turns to drugs.

Episode 13: Amends: Nick begins to make amends to those he has wronged.

Episode 14: All is Mended: Nick and Lulu discover that their unborn baby has Downs Syndrome.

Episode 15: Without Consent: Jake (played by Raphael Sbarge) lies to everyone about his "mugging".

Episode 16: Sparkle: Nick tries to find a foster family for an unwanted child.

Episode 17: The Watchers: Burton has developed vertigo causing Nick to worry about him as they try to find Shannon.

Episode 18: The Bachelor Party: Alan proposes to his girlfriend and then learns he has ALS.

Episode 19: Remember: Nick is assigned the case of a young boy who claims he doesn't remember being abused.

Episode 20: The Vote: A female lawyer, who is dating Burton, files a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Nick.

Episode 21: Blood In, Blood Out: Alvin tries to save James' killer from death row.

Episode 22: Antarctica: Lulu gives birth to a baby girl and Nick takes a job with a competing firm.

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