Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell ’em I Said It

You know you are in for a raucous time with this stand-up DVD from the moment that Eddie Griffin takes the stage in Oakland, California with a lit cigarette in one hand and sparkling win in the other. The first thing out of his mouth is that he wants to have sex with Michelle Obama. Wild!

And it does not get any less wild or controversial at any time during the over 80 minutes of his show. The thing is that he is so talented that he manages to touch on almost every touchy subject like racism, priests having sex with young boys, drunk driving, and yes having sex with the First Lady without offending. He's just funny! Subjects like racial stereotypes and Viagra are not off limits for this clever man. He paces back and forth across the stage like a caged animal smoking his cigarette and drinking. Uncensored and wickedly funny!

Special Features: Backstage Pass

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