Uncle Buck – Blu-ray Edition

Buck (played by John Candy) is a lifelong bachelor who is used to doing things when and if he feels like. All that is about to change radically when his sister-in-law (played by Elaine Bromka) asks him to watch her kids while she and her husband (played by Garrett M. Brown) go out of town on an emergency. The slobby and irresponsible Buck now has two young kids (played by Macauly Culkin and Gaby Hoffman) and a rebellious teenage girl (played by Jean Louisa Kelly) to take care of. It gonna be an adjustment for everyone.

Another 80s film in the John Hughes style. It is not his best film but it still is filled with his deft touch. Filled with misunderstood young people and out of touch older folks.

This particular one gave John Candy his best opportunity to show his comedic skills alongside that vulnerable side he was great at. It is a twist on the usual Hughes' coming-of-age film in that this time it is a middle aged man who comes into his own. It also introduced the film world to the pint-sized cutie that was Macauley Culkin. This was his first film role even before "Home Alone".

This is not a classic film but it is an enjoyable comedic one with a great big heart.

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