Frontman Craig Owens was kicked out of his band Chiodos and things looked grim. But late 2009, early 2010 he got together with drummer Aaron Stern, guitarist Nick Martin, bassist Adam Russell, and guitarist Matt Good to form a new band. A superband. The post-hardcore band released their first album in 2010. This is their follow up.

Fans of Craig Owens must have been trepidatious about this release as his solo stuff was rather weak, but there is really nothing to fear as D.R.U.G.S. are a band that show a lot of potential. The sounds on the album are diverse. Classical music and chanting monks are even used at certain points.

They show that heavy music can be at the same time aggressive and still hopeful. Stronger tracks include "Graveyard Dancing", "Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups", and "The Hangman". Haunting and powerful are a strong combination and show that this is a band on its way up.

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