Bambi – DVD/Blu-ray Edition

In 1942 the Disney Studios made entertainment history by introducing the world to a short film (69 minutes) that featured the life of a young deer.  Sixty-nine years later Bambi has transcended into an international icon children young and old still adhere to.  Of course several under-currents made this movie so special. “Bambi” underlined several important aspects of life such as: parental love, loss and grief, friendship, loyalty, balancing risk and need, independence, being at one and in harmony with nature and romantic love. Incredibly, this tiny film covers more ground than most modern blockbusters.

The animation is astonishing and that’s by today’s computer generated animation standards, every cell is simply stunning. If Bambi himself is just a bit dull–such is the fate of an Everydeer–his rabbit sidekick Thumper and a skunk named Flower more than make up for it.

“Bambi” is so uncomplicated, so wholesome, it’s almost transparent. Enjoy the flawless animation, the colorful imagery, the cute and memorable characters and humor.  “Bambi” is a true gem and a timeless masterpiece.

Special Features:

– Disney’s Second Screen – Content comes alive on your laptop, iPad, or smartphone as you watch the movie.

-Disney View – 16×9 Full frame viewing experience

-Intro by Diane Disney Miller

-Inside Walt’s Story Meetings – Enhanced interactive edition

-Two never-before-seen deleted scenes

-Deleted song

-Blu-ray interactive galleries

-The Making of “Bambi”

-Restoring Bambi – A look at the groundbreaking All-New Digital Restoration of Bambi for this Special Edition.

-Disney Time Capsule: 1942 The Year of Bambi

-The Art of “Bambi”

-“Tricks of the Trade” excerpt

-Inside Walt’s Story Meetings – Based on actual story meeting notes from Walt and his creative team.

-The Old Mill animated short

-Forest Adventure Game – 8 All New Games for all ages

-Virtual Forest

-DisneyPedia: Bambi’s Forest Friends

-Disney Storytime: Thumper Goes Exploring

-What’s Your Season Personality Profile Game

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