Premise is that “veteran” married couple, Jeff (played by Patrick Warburton) and Audrey (played by Megyn Price), impart lessons and words of wisdom about marriage and relationships with younger, engaged couple, Adam (played by Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer (played by Bianca Kajlich). Jeff and Audrey face problems like trying to keep their sex life fresh and how to keep the lines of communication open whereas Adam and Jennifer struggle with Jennifer hating that Adam talks while watching television and that they own nothing worth stealing.

The couples’ best friend is womanizer Russell (played by David Spade), who treats his poor assistant, Timmy (played by Adhir Kalyan), terribly. He, a man who hasn’t met a woman he could spend more than one night with, also has to deal with falling in love for the first time.

Episode 1: Flirting: Based on advice he gets from Russell, Jeff finds himself in a pickle after flirting with a co-worker.

Episode 2: Snoozin’ for a Bruisin’: Timmy tries to convince other assistants that his boss (i.e. Russell) is the worst boss ever.

Episode 3: Atlantic City: Jeff and Audrey each try to out-scam the other and catch each other in a lie, which ends up ruining everyone’s weekend.

Episode 4: Ghost Story: Audrey tries to get Jeff to believe that she has seen her grandmother’s ghost.

Episode 5: The Four Pillars: Russell realizes that he has feelings for Timmy’s fiancĂ©e, Suneetha (played by Nazneen Contractor).

Episode 6: 3rd Wheel: Jennifer is on a pre-wedding diet and that means no “adult snacks” for Adam.

Episode 7: Indian Giver: Jeff realizes that he once dated Audrey’s favourite dancer on a reality dance show.

Episode 8: Free Free Time: Jeff tries to come up with something to get Audrey out of the house after her weekly girls’ night out is canceled.

Episode 9: The Score: Jeff accidentally injects himself with Audrey’s fertility drugs and his feminine side comes out.

Episode 10: The Surrogate: Jeff and Audrey go up against another couple for the perfect surrogate (played by Jaime Pressly).

Episode 11: The Reunion: After he finds out he was the only one not invited, Russell crashes a dinner party that Timmy is hosting.

Episode 12: Harassment: Audrey is accused of sexual harassment by a young male employee at work.

Episode 13: They Do?: The pressures of planning a big wedding finally get to Adam and Jennifer and they decide to elope.

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