In San Francisco there lives a very refined man who loves women and writes classical music.  This same man makes his living by the gun.  He is a gunfighter for hire.  All he cares about is justice and doing what is right.  Quite and odd assortment of qualities for a gunfighter.

Episode 1: The Exiles: It is after the Revolution and a hated Mexican general travels to America to collect millions from a count and countess.  Paladin agrees to escort him.

Episode 2: The Hunt: A Russian prince believes himself to be the best hunter in the world and so he sets it up that he and Paladin hunt each other.

Episode 3: Dream Girl: A Native wants Paladin to escort him and his bag of gold dust to the city where he can change it to money.

Episode 4: One, Two, Three: An astrologer hires Paladin to help him find three people who he plans to kill and then rob.

Episode 5: The Waiting Room:  While there is a terrible storm going on, Paladin has to guard a prisoner as they are trapped in a train station.

Episode 6: The Trap: Paladin is held prisoner by a marshal who is about to go off and has to try to stop him before he snaps.

Episode 7: Don’t Shoot the Piano Player: A young woman hires Paladin to find her fiancé who is somewhere on the Barbary Coast around San Francisco.

Episode 8:  Alice: Paladin is hired by a young woman to find her mother who seems to have disappeared from a town that is trying to clean up its image.

Episode 9: The Man Who Hit Moonshine: While out in the wilderness, Paladin stumbles across a man who has been living there a year in order to quit drinking.

Episode 10: Silent Death, Secret Death:  A wealthy woman needs her con artist brother found even though he has been missing for eight yeas.

Episode 11: Hobson’s Choice: The inventor of nitroglycerine, Alfred Nobel, is staying at Paladin’s hotel when a crate of his explosive chemicals goes missing.

Episode 12: The Coming of the Tiger: A Japanese friend of Paladin’s asks him to stop two dangerous Japanese people – a priest and a warrior.

Episode 13: Darwin’s Man: A man who believes in survival of the fittest makes his sons fight to the death in order to gain their inheritance.

Episode 14: Invasion: Hired by the State Department Secretary, Paladin has the task of trying to stop an Irish rebel.

Episode 15: Cream of the Jest: Paladin has a joke played on him by a practical joker which at first he laughs off but then wants revenge on the joker.

Episode 16: Bandit: Paladin captures a female bandit for the bounty but bringing her in is not going to be easy.

Episode 17: Pandora’s Box: Paladin captures a killer and has to camp out with him near a traveling saloon.

Episode 18: Jonah: Wanting to use Leonardo Da Vinci’s technique for breathing underwater, Paladin aims to recovering a box of stolen gold from the bottom of a lake.

The Knight: An aristocrat wants Paladin to help him find a killer but while attempting this he is rude and arrogant to everyone.

Special Features: Previews of The Wild, Wild West: The Fourth Season, The Untouchables: Season One – Volume 2, The Streets of San Francisco: Season One – Volume 2