Filled with your typical SpongeBob lovable madness, this is his first mystery caper.  There is no limit to what this yellow sea sponge can do!  Besides that you get a crazy Plankton disguise, Pearl’s out of control appetite, SpongeBob gets out of a tight squeeze, and of course the hunt for the secret Krabby Patty recipe.

Episode 1: The Great Patty Caper: In order to try and locate where the hiding place of the Krabby Patty, SpongeBob, Patrick and Plankton have to ride a train.

Episode 2: Growth Spout: Pearl is having a growth spurt and is constantly eating.  Mr. Krab’s is wondering whether he will be able to afford all the food she is needing to eat.

Episode 3: Stuck in the Wringer: After taking a shower, SpongeBob gets stuck in the wringer.

Episode 4: Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy:  Plankton dresses up as Sandy in an effort to get his hands on the Krabby Patty recipe.

Episode 5: The Inside Job: Plankton gets inside SpongeBob’s head in order to try and get the Krabby Patty recipe.

Episode 6: Greasy Buffoons: Mr. Krabs and Plankton take advantage of everyone’s love of greasy food.

Episode 7: Model Sponge: SpongeBob begins a career modeling as a kitchen sponge.

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