The classic television show that went on to become a hit movie wraps up with its fourth and final season.  Dr. Richard Kimble (played by David Janssen) has been on the run after being falsely accused and found guilty of murdering his wife.  He tries to disappear in every small town that he stops in, but something doesn’t allow him to and it is time for him to move on again.

Episode 1: The Other Side of the Coin: Kimble is working in a grocery store when he gets involved in a conflict between father and son (played by Beau Bridges).

Episode 2: The One That Got Away: A detective boards the train that Kimble is working on that is headed to Mexico.

Episode 3: Concrete Evidence: Kimble is blackmailed into helping a building contractor who is responsible for the death of three children.

Episode 4: The Breaking of the Habit: Kimble is injured and is reunited with his sister, Veronica (played by Jacqueline Scott).

Episode 5: There Goes the Ball Game: While at a basketball game Kimble witnesses a kidnapping.

Episode 6: The Ivy Maze: The one-armed man is taking part in a sleep deprivation experiment and as part of if it he admits that he killed a woman.

Episode 7: Goodbye My Love: Kimble is involved with a woman who is planning to frame him for her married lover’s rich, invalid wife.

Episode 8: Passage to Helena: A sheriff is bringing Kimble and a racist murderer to the state capitol for arraignment when the two manage to escape.

Episode 9: The Savage Street: Kimble is shot then he is hidden by the young son of a cigar maker.

Episode 10: Death of a Very Small Killer: Kimble recovers from pneumonia in Mexico where he is blackmailed by another doctor to help him with his experimental research.

Episode 11: Dossier on a Diplomat: Kimble is in Washington, D.C. to meet with a lawyer.

Episode 12: The Walls of Night: Working as a truck driver, Kimble starts a relationship with the dispatcher unaware that she is a convicted embezzler.

Episode 13: The Shattered Silence: While running away from a deputy, Kimble escapes into the mountains and hides in the home of a hermit.

Episode 14: The Judgment, Part 1: Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, is arrested for a small crime and Lieutenant Gerard uses the opportunity to draw Kimble out in the open.

Episode 15: The Judgment, Part 2: Lieutenant Gerard, who has captured Kimble, is taking him back to Illinois but decides to give him 24 hours to clear his name.

Special Features: Composer Dominic Frontiere: The Color of Music