The fascination that kids have about dinosaurs is well documented and pervasive. When you take dinosaurs and add in trains, well, then you have most kids complete attention.  While having their complete attention you can teach them important things about science, natural history and palaeontology.

Episode 1: Pteranodon Family World Tour: The entire Pteranodon family boards a train for a world tour filled with adventure and knowledge.

Episode 2: Gilbert the Junior Conductor: On their first day on the train the kids play with Gilbert.

Episode 3: Confuciusornis Says: The next stop is Confuciusornis Gardens and there they meet a wise old dinosaur.

Episode 4: Tiny’s Tiny Doll: On a stop Tiny leaves behind her favourite Tiny doll by accident in Velociraptor Valley.

Episode 5: Iggy Iguanodon: The family meets Iggy Iguanodon who shows them some famous white cliffs.

Episode 6: Shiny Can’t Sleep: Shiny becomes homesick while on the tour and has trouble falling asleep in the sleeping car, so Dad takes her for a walk around the Dinosaur Train.

Episode 7: Kenny Kentrosaurus: The Pteranodon family travels to Africa and meets a stegosaur named Kenny Kentosaurus.

Episode 8: Don and the Troodons: After oversleeping the Pteranodon family has to rush to take another guided walk.

Special Features: Interactive Game, Coloring Pages, Dinosaur Reference Guide, Information for Parents