Have you ever had a day that hasn’t quite gone as you had planned?  Well, Dib is having a series of days of the like he could have never predicted.

The mission of doom that we refer to isn’t going as the invaders would have hoped.  Invaderzim has come to Earth to take over and all its human inhabitants.  Easier said than done, as they say.  Especially when a young human boy named Dib is on to them.

Episode 1: The Fry Cook What Came From All That Space: Dib tries to prove to his classmates that Zim is really an alien but it doesn’t go so well.

Episode 2: Career Day: Dib, Zim and their classmates all fill out forms that a machine will interpret to come up with their destined careers.

Episode 3: Battle-Dib: Dib is excited about attending a taping of his father’s show in which he will make a presentation that will save the world.

Episode 4: The Nightmare Begins: As part of Operation Doom, several less superior Irkian soldiers are assigned to every planet to blend in and gather Intel; Zim is assigned to a “secret” planet.

Episode 5: Gaz, Taster of Pork: One of Dib’s spell drives still has two power points left and he has to decide which one to cast.

Episode 6: Vindicated!: Dib and Zim face off against each other in Blattenball. Dib wins but his insistence that Zim is an alien just gets him sent to the counselor’s office.

Episode 7: The Voting of the Doomed: Elections are held to find a new student president and Will and Zim are selected to run.

Episode 8: Hobo 13: The Irkian military leaders send Zim to the military training school, Hobo 13, hoping he will perish.

Episode 9: Walk for Your Lives: It is probing day and Zim’s evaluation is not what the leaders expected.

Episode 10: Mysterious Mysteries: Professor Membrane, Dib’s father, has to make his show more exciting or he will be fired.

Episode 11: Future Dib: Professor Membrane’s latest invention will unleash a wave of doom if something goes wrong and that is music to Zim’s ears.

Episode 12: Plague of Babies: A baby sees Zim out of his human costume and Zim tries to destroy it.

Episode 13: Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: Gaz chooses to go to Bloaty’s pizza hog on family night out.