Case 39

The film on which Renée Zellweger met Bradley Cooper.  They have already broken up.  The shelf life of Hollywood romances is getting shorter and shorter, isn’t it?!  They are together in the latest evil kid style of film that gets popular every so often in moviedom. Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland Continue Reading

All-Star Superman

If you have ever pondered about how Superman would ever spend his last days on Earth then this is a must see.  Based on a popular graphic novel by Grant Morrison, DC Universe has made an animated film directed by Sam Liu that gives fans of the hero in blue Continue Reading

Little Fockers

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. Why is the film called “Little Fockers” when the kids are hardly in it? Unfortunately that is the least of this film’s problems. I have always thought that it was best to quit while you are ahead. On second Continue Reading


With Easter right around the corner, the live action/animation movie “Hop” takes us into the world of the Easter Bunny but it might not be the happy candy land you might expect the Easter Bunny to be living in. Russell Brand is the voice behind E.B. a young bunny who Continue Reading