If you have ever pondered about how Superman would ever spend his last days on Earth then this is a must see.  Based on a popular graphic novel by Grant Morrison, DC Universe has made an animated film directed by Sam Liu that gives fans of the hero in blue tights some food for thought.

Superman (voiced by James Denton) is aware that his days are numbered.  His enemy Lex Luthor (voiced by Anthony LaPaglia) has managed to expose him to solar radiation.  Superman begins to take stock of what and who is really important to him.  Spending his remaining time with Lois Lane (voiced by Christina Hendricks), who he grants 24 hours of super powers to, is not easy as they are continuously interrupted by Superman’s enemies.  He wants to finally reveal to Lois his true identity before his time is up and Luthor wants to take over the Earth, which he feels will be child’s play without Superman in the way.

Unlike many animated comic book films this one is not driven just by action and battles.  While there is plenty of that sort of stuff there is also a lot of emotion, humour and romance.  The divergence of stuff going on make it a film that kids and adults can both enjoy.  If I was to offer one criticism it would be that a flow is never achieved as it is choppy in parts.

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