With Easter right around the corner, the live action/animation movie “Hop” takes us into the world of the Easter Bunny but it might not be the happy candy land you might expect the Easter Bunny to be living in.

Russell Brand is the voice behind E.B. a young bunny who is next in line to take over the duties of delivering baskets filled with candies and chocolates on Easter day. E.B’s Dad (Hugh Laurie) tries to make E.B. understand the importance of this very special responsibility that he wishes to bestow upon him but E.B. wants to be a drummer for a rock band. He decides to run, or shall I say “hop” to Hollywood in the hopes of making his dream come true.

E.B. gets hit by a car being driven by Fred (James Marsden), a slacker that refuses every job offer for one reason or another. E.B. exaggerates his injury and then convinces James to let him be his roommate. Meanwhile in Candyland, the nasty chick Carlos (Hank Azaria) secretly plots a takeover as he is tired of being second in command. As E.B. gets closer to his dream of becoming a famous drummer, he must choose on whether to pursue a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear on a talent show or save Easter. Which will he choose?

While this film is cute and has some cool animation, it is not a “wow” film, if you know what I mean. There are some clever one liners and it has a subtle message about doing the right thing and finding your purpose in life. I will say that Hank Azaria in his animated role as Carlos is a scene stealer. Azaria is the voice behind some of Simpsons characters as you may already know. He is great with accents and whether he is physically on screen or voicing a character, he is quite talented to say the least. Russell Brand also makes a physical appearance in the film standing in front of his animated character and David Hasselhoff also makes a guest appearance. Overall a cute film but not in the same category as the best animated films.

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