Haypenny – A Jillion Kicks

Many brushed off this band, who are robot obsessed, as a gimmick and did not take them seriously at all with their initial live performances.  All I can say is that if you are able to look beyond that and really hear the music that they are a band that will grow on you.

The seemingly stream of consciousness vocal stylings of lead singer Ben Elkins takes some getting used to.  What really stood out for me were the arrangements and melodies.  Using tons of staccato, Heypenny is like a tribute band to 80s New Wave and synthesizer pop.  Don’t take their breezy and fun sound to mean that they are not good musicians as the guys in this band can all play their instruments well.  While it might sound at first listen to be light music they really have managed to stay fun while at the same time constructing a multi-layered sound.

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