Laura Fernandez – Un Solo Beso

Born in Madrid moved on to Switzerland and then Calgary, Laura is now based in Toronto and is a singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, painter, illustrator, designer, real estate agent (?), and radio host.  Phew!  She is one active lady.  Earlier she concentrated on working as a visual artist and then gradually moved into making music.  Her latest foray into music is “Un Solo Beso”, an album that was produced by Billy Bryans formerly of the group The Parachute Club.  Bryans is one of the foremost Canadian Latin music producers.

There is an eclectic mix of Latin and pop sounds on this one album.  You get a dose of meringue, bolero and salsa alongside some fusion and classic pop-folk here.  It is like listening to songs by different artists as they all seem to have their own little personalities.  Each song seems to take its own shape and sound naturally.  Very little on the album sounds “meddled” with.

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