Final set of episodes based on Irwin Allen’s classic work of science fiction.  Admiral Nelson (played by Richard Basehart), Commander Crane (played by David Hedison) and the crew of the Seaview, the nation’s best nuclear submarine, have more than their fair share of adventures, thrills and close shaves.  They face of against one bad guy after another without so much as a blink.  It was always full speed ahead for these brave men.

Episode 1: The Return of Blackbeard: The Seaview’s latest duty is to guard a visiting Shah as the President is scheduled to meet with the Shah.

Episode 2: The Terrible Leprechaun: In the Irish Sea the Seaview is to check out the possible radiation leak at a underwater nuclear complex.

Episode 3: The Lobster Man: Following orders, the Seaview is investigating the supposed crash of a UFO into the sea nearby.

Episode 4: Nightmare: Crane sees what he believes to be a falling satellite but is actually a UFO.

Episode 5: Abominable Snowman: Seaview travels south to look in on the Paulson Antarctic Expedition.

Episode 6: Secret of the Deep: U.S. Shipping is being blackmailed by an unknown power.

Episode 7: Man Beast: A new breathing mixture allowing men to go on deep dives without a compression line is tested out by Crane.

Episode 8: Savage Jungle: Aliens are near Earth with the intention of taking over.

Episode 9: Flaming Ice: The men of the Seaview see crashing Arctic ice as the signal of the beginning of the alien attack.

Episode 10: Attack: The Pacific Fleet is crushed by the alien invasion and Nelson and Kowalski (played by Del Monroe) are captured while on a reconnaissance mission.

Episode 11: Edge of Doom: As they are about to leave on an important mission it is thought that Captain Crane might have been replaced by an imposter.

Episode 12: Death Clock: A time traveler is aboard the Seaview.

Episode 13: No Way Back: Seaview and its crew is blown up and then reported as missing.

Special Features: Original Unaired Pilot, Broadcast Pilot with Vintage TV Commercials