Just Go With It

Many filmmakers understand the challenge of making comedies. While it might not always be apparent, it is one of the toughest genres to tackle as it is not always easy to make audiences laugh. Adam Sandler is well known for his crude humor which has gained him many fans over the years. Jennifer Aniston joins him on the big screen this time around and they both become part of a very complicated love triangle.

Danny (Sandler) is a plastic surgeon who is well established and is assisted by single mother Katherine (Aniston) at his clinic. After a number of one night stands and short relationships over the years, he finally meets a school teacher named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) at a party and thinks she might be the one. He tells her a lie about his personal life which quickly snowballs into a big fat mess and he desperately tries to cover up his tracks.  When he is backed into a corner, he convinces Katherine to play the role of his soon to be ex-wife and for her two kids to pretend to be his. They help him to keep up appearances in order to win over the girl of his dreams.

Circumstances lead them all to take a trip to sunny Hawaii so they can all bond and get to know each other better. Katherine’s former classmate (and nemesis) Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman) is vacationing at the same place with her sweetheart and as she flaunts her fabulous life,  Katherine makes up her own story and now a new web of lies is weaved and as things slowly start to unravel, Danny is going to have some tough decisions to make.

This film was actually much better than I expected it to be. While yes, there was the typical Adam Sandler crude humor here and there, there was also some witty lines and some reality about image in Hollywood and how people are judged by how they look. Also the serious repercussions of overdoing it on the botox are seen in the film so people can see what can happen if done in excess.

Also I have to say that Jen and Adam actually have good on-screen chemistry and whether they were joking around or having a serious conversation, they were well suited for their respective roles in the film. I was very surprised to see Nicole Kidman included in this cast. While she is a very talented and a versatile actress, she seemed very out of place in her role.

Overall an enjoyable film and worth checking out.

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