Paranormal Activity 2: Extended Version – Blu-ray Edition

Really??  I did not see the first one, but c’mon.  This was not scary in the least.  I was looking forward to a good old scare after hearing that the first one was creepy and ended up totally disappointed.

In Carlsberg, California Daniel (The Unborn, The Express) and Katie (Katie Featherstone – Paranormal Activity) bring their newborn baby boy to their new home.  Unbeknownst to them a demonic presence is in their house.  Soon their perfect world becomes a nightmare.

Shortly after Katie and Ali (Molly Ephraim – College Road Trip) suspect something out of the ordinary is happening, but Daniel doesn’t believe them.  After what he thinks is simply a robbery happens, Daniel installs security cameras.  The horrifying events that happen to the entire family are captured on the cameras for you the viewer to watch.

Camera work that is all hand held is sooooo 1999.  I’m done with it.  That in itself is not scary.  This film had a decent budget and still the special effects are pretty low grade.  You never get to see the demons, so that scare effect is gone.  And they don’t even milk the fact that you don’t see them.  There were a few innocent things that happened then all of a sudden – BOOM – we were into the heavy stuff with no build up.  That did not allow any feelings of fear build up in me at all.  I was just thrust into it and it felt like a total letdown to me.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Theatrical + Extended Versions

-Found Footage

-Teaser Trailer

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