Robbie Robertson – How to Become a Clairvoyant

When an artist releases their first album in over a decade you wonder if the anticipation will render whatever they do a disappointment.  I’m here to say that in this case it isn’t.  If you were previously a fan of Robertson in his solo work and his recordings with The Band then you will happy to hear that his ability to construct a clear picture with his songs and lyrics still remains.  There is a texture or depth to his music in that you can only say that this man produces art.  The sounds on the album change from 60s rock to Euro-dance to voodoo rock to love songs.  He is comfortable in them all.

An added bonus is that Eric Clapton appears on a good chunk of the songs on the album.  He adds vocals and plays guitar.  With his superb guitar playing and Robertson’s raspy, mature vocals you can almost find yourself transported back to the good old days for the two.  It such a good pairing that you won’t even mind that Roberston’s voice does not have very much range anymore.  As if that wasn’t enough to bring you back to a more Woodstocky time, Steve Winwood also plays keyboards on the track “Fear of Falling”.