Welcome to the Rileys – Blu-ray Edition

If this is any indication of the type of film that Kristen Stewart is going to make after the whole Twilight thing calms down then I am encouraged.  Actually, I am not surprised because other than the Twilight series she has made mostly smaller or independent films in her career.  Another encouraging sign is that she more than held her own with the likes of James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.  Hope she continues to make us forget about the mopey Bella.  Stewart has to be applauded for knowing what she wants and refusing to play the Hollywood game that most young actresses succumb to.

Doug and Lois are a middle aged couple who have been married for a long time.  A horrible tragedy occurred when their teenage daughter died at the age of fifteen.  Doug and Lois handle their grief in different ways.  Lois has retreated completely from life as she does not even leave the house.  Not even to pick up the newspaper from the porch. You can’t really blame him, but Doug has been having an affair with Vivian, a waitress (Eisa Davis – appeared in episodes of The Wire and Damages) at a diner he goes to while he tells Lois that he is playing poker with the boys.  Tragedy strikes again when Vivian dies suddenly.

Still reeling from Vivian’s death, Doug travels to New Orleans on business.  There he meets a teenage girl named Mallory (Kristen Stewart – Into the Wild, The Runaways), who works as a stripper.  Doug has ducked into the club to get away from the guys at the conference and then is desperate to get away again when some of them show up at the strip club.  Not knowing what else to do he agrees to Mallory’s offer for a private dance in a room upstairs.

When there he lets her know he will pay her, but is not interested in the dance.  When Doug runs into Mallory again at a restaurant he is eating at later that night there is something about the raw and angry girl that makes him decide to completely abandon his life in Indianapolis and wife to stay in New Orleans to try and clean up Mallory’s act.

After Lois hears from Doug that he is staying in New Orleans she fights her agoraphobic ways and drives down to find out what is going on with her husband.  The three damaged human beings soon find themselves a pseudo family.

A touching and well-acted film about three people who meet and help each other deal with what is troubling them.  The film is all about the acting and it is good, so results in it being an interesting watch.  Totally character driven and the three actors do a great job keeping you interested.  Kristen Stewart, with a foul mouth and a dirty look, inhabits her character, James Gandolfini goes against typecasting and plays a character with plenty of heart and Melissa Leo is solid with plenty of onscreen chemistry with Kristen Stewart in their few scenes together.

Director Jake Scott (best known for directing videos for R.E.M., The Cranberries and U2) is the son of director Ridley Scott.  He shows that making big budget action films is not all that the family is about.  No over-the-top stuff going on in this Scott’s film.  Scott does well capturing the hurt and emotion of these three characters.  Plus he shows us a very grimy side of New Orleans.

Special Features:

-Creating the Rileys

-Previews of Blu-ray Discs From Sony Home Entertainment, Fireflies in the Garden, You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger, The Tourist, Nowhere Boy

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