Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Solo artist Skrillex is a native of California who is presently on tour in the U.S. with deadmau5.  Electronica is what he is about and quality is what he gives the listener.  Get ready to get on the dancefloor.  Filled with riffs that work their way into your brain like a worm into an apple.  You’ll have a hard time getting the varied beats out of your head after hearing them.  If you manage to get past the massive and great bass beats then you’ll notice that he has also layered his songs with melodies, heavy and delicate, and the interesting vocals of a female singer named Penny.  Booming and hard there is plenty of musical aggression going on here, but if you are in the mood for bobbing your head to some electronic/dubstep then have this CD in heavy rotation on your player.

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