Boy bands.  Throughout most of music history boy bands have been huge.  From The Jackson 5 to Menudo to Boys II Men to New Kids on the Block to Backstreet Boys girls have screamed, loved, bought the records, and made rich and famous the young men in these types of bands.  Now Nickelodeon is jumping on the bandwagon.

In this series hockey playing high schoolers Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan audition to be part of a boy band and head off to Hollywood when they make the cut.

Episode 1: Big Time Audition: Four best friends from Minnesota audition to become the latest boy band of super producer Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman – The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It).

Episode 2: Big Time Crib: The guys decide to redecorate their boring apartment bringing in all the latest gadgets and toys.

Episode 3: Big Time School of Rocque: The boys don’t like the school that Gustavo has enrolled them in and so they try to do anything to be relocated to the one at the Palm Woods.

Episode 4: Big Time Bad Boy: The CEO of Roque Records Griffin (Matt Riedy – from television’s The Young and the Restless) decides to add a bad boy to the group.

Episode 5: Big Time Love Song: Gustavo is having a hard time trying to write a love song, but it is the guys who actually end up writing the band’s next single.

Episode 6: Big Time Mansion: Gustavo gets the guys to house sit his mansion.

Episode 7: Big Time Photo Shoot: Griffin takes over Big Time Rush’s photo shoot with his terrible ideas:

Episode 8: Big Time Break: The guys decide to take a break from each other and go their own way to do their own thing.

Episode 9: Big Time Demos: Griffin’s spoiled teenage daughter seems to hold the key to Big Time Rush’s future.

Episode 10: Big Time Party: Gustavo does not invite the guys to a studio party so they decide to throw one of their own.

Episode 11: Big Time Jobs: In order to pay off their debts to Gustavo the guys all get jobs.

Special Features: “Big Time Break” with Trivia Option, Photo Flipbook