Daniel Tosh is a hot young comedian.  He has his own Comedy Central show called Tosh.O.  This is a stand up show he did in San Francisco.  He talks about pop culture, sports, religion and politics in his latest special.

Tosh’s show covers subjects like Latinos are criminals, significant others taking too long to get ready to go out, sitting on the toilet in reverse, David Beckham having sex with Brad Pitt and the Mormon church.  Totally not politically correct but rather biting and aggressive.

His material is not offensive as it is totally over-the-top and always funny.  He remains rather low key on stage though there never is a dull moment.  The understated delivery will draw you in.  When you think you’ve got him figured out he throws in another twist out of nowhere.  Looks like a nice guy that you could take home to your mother until he opens his mouth to speak.

Special Features: Comedy Central Aired Version, Encore, A Day in the Life, Opening Act: Jasper Redd and Matt Fulchiron