Panic! At the Disco – Vices & Virtues

Some might have worried about the Las Vegas band when in 2009 two of the founding members of Panic! At the Disco decided to leave.  But the two remaining, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith, decided to continue on and had no problems coming up with songs/material when it was time to record their latest album.  “Vices & Virtues” can be seen as a bridge between the pop anthems of their debut album and the more experimental music on 2008’s critically acclaimed “Pretty. Odd.”.  This is not a band that recreates what they’ve done in the past – even if it worked well for them.  The music will never become formulaic or predictable.  Musically “Vices & Virtues” features many different sounds including jazz, strings and straight up rock.  They prove themselves to still be a band who knows how to write a pop song with plenty of hook to it.  This is very apparent on the album’s first single, “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”.  Lyrically the album is definitely layered and filled with the odd poignant moment.

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