Actor Johnny Weissmuller was “the” Tarzan the Ape Man.  When he wore the loin cloth we believed him.  Plus his charm and nice physique did not hurt matters.  Maureen O’Sullivan joined him as Jane for six films with MGM.  They are all now in one DVD collection so you can see the King of the Jungle at his most gentle, sexy and charming.

Tarzan the Ape Man directed by W.S. Van Dyke:

Released in 1932, James Parker (played by C. Aubrey Smith) and Harry Holt (played by Neil Hamilton) are off to Africa to try and locate an elephant burial ground that will make them rich off the ivory.  Unexpectedly Parker’s daughter Jane (played by Maureen O’Sullivan) joins them.  Harry obviously has feelings for her and keeps a careful eye on her in the dangerous jungle.

Not close enough as Tarzan (played by Johnny Weissmuller) and his ape pals abduct Jane.  After she is allowed to return to her father’s expedition Jane begins to wonder if she made the right choice. Then when the entire expedition is captured by a tribe of violent pygmies, Jane sends Cheetah to Tarzan so he can rescue them.

Tarzan Escapes directed by Richard Thorpe:

Released in 1936, Jane (played by Maureen O’Sullivan) returns to the jungle with her cousins Rita (played by Benita Hume) and Eric (played by William Henry) with the goal of staking her claim in her inheritance.  While there Rita and Eric hire a hunter Captain Fry (played by John Buckler) to capture Tarzan (played by Johnny Weissmuller). Hunter Captain Fry decides to introduce Tarzan to civilization.  But his idea of “introducing” him is to have Tarzan in a cage on display for the public to come see.

Tarzan and his Mate directed by Cedric Gibbons:

Released in 1934, Harry Holt (played by Neil Hamilton) returns to Africa on an ivory expedition and this time he brings his friend and known womanizer, Marlin Arlington (played by Paul Kavanagh).  Holt hopes to bring Jane (played by Maureen O’Sullivan) back to London with him.

Tarzan protects Jane from all the wild beasts in the jungle but he is no match for Arlington and his gun.  He ends up getting shot.  Tarzan is not dead, as Jane believes, but is being nursed back to health by his ape friends.  Jane and the expedition are attacked by natives.  Will Tarzan be well enough to save them?

Tarzan Finds a Son! directed by Richard Thorpe:

Released in 1939, a young couple dies when their plane crashes in the jungle.  Their infant son is rescued by Tarzan and Jane.  They named him Boy (played by Johnny Sheffield) and begin raising him as their own.

Five years have passed when a search party comes looking for the young boy as he is an heir to millions of dollars.  Tarzan is against it but Jane agrees to lead them to civilization.