Styles come and styles go.  Each season there is something new and hot that designers and labels are putting out for women to go buy and wear.  Just because something is hot or in style does not mean that it was meant for you.  There are many different types of body shapes and not all jacket styles were meant for all body types.  You have to choose what flatters your figure. That is what will have you looking your best.

Here is some help for you ladies on how to pick a jacket that will look good on you:

If you are boy-shaped:
A classic cropped jacket will break up your straight up-and-down figure.  It will give you a waist.  Decorative details like shimmers and zippers will help out even more as they will give you curves and are doubly good on fitted silhouettes.

If you are petite:
Sporty but fitted is the way to go so try a fitted baseball jacket.  A bit oversized though so it won’t drown your body.  Try some colour blocking.  Make sure the jacket has narrow sleeves and high armholes.  The fit has to be right.

If you are plus-sized:
A drapey-shaped jacket that is not too long will work best. A slightly curved bottom will worked wonders as it will make your waist look narrower while still giving your tummy some coverage.  This style will also work if you are apple shaped.